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Joe Kiani from Masimo

When your advisory is Apple, those financial resources can buy you anything including the federal circuit.  Then when Apple partners with the borg so it can assimilate your your patents, along with the power to influence the federal circuit and law makers that partner to support China!

Masimo has been locked in a patent infringement battle with Apple. Recently, the International Trade Commission issued an exclusion order to stop the imports of Apple watches with certain features patented by Masimo, but the Federal Circuit broke tradition and allowed Apple in contiue its import from China.

Under his leadership, Masimo has grown from a “garage start-up” into a company employing 10,000 people.

Kiani is the co-inventor of what is now considered modern pulse oximetry.

Masimo’s Signal Extraction Technology reduced false alarms in pulse oximetry by 95% and has helped eliminate blindness in babies in the NICU, and opioid overdose in the post-surgical wards and detect Critical Congenital heart disease in newborns.

Full Bio: https://www.masimo.com/company/masimo/joekiani/

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